Tanya and Aaron Gagnon

Luxury Travelers and Branding Experts

Tanya  founded her brand strategy company in 2004. Her thesis, Life Enhancing Design: Using the Five Senses and the Evolution of Time to Enhance Our Environmental Experience, is the basis for the philosophy of the company and how she views life.She believes that the emotional connections we make with brands can be enhanced using sensory experiences and loves writing about the little details that make an experience special and memorable. She is known to love luxurious robes, lotions, perfumes and all that comes with spa-ing. Find more from here here: tanyagagnon.com

An attorney by day and a luxury blogger by night, Aaron has turned his passion for food, drink, and writing into a wonderful compilation of his luxe travels and experiences; most of which are with his wife Tanya. It began with his love of posting food and drink for his friends to enjoy (or not enjoy) on his personal social media feeds, then evolved into a whole community of other luxury enthusiasts. You can read more from Aaron here: aarongagnonproblems.com 

One guy, one girl, one marriage, two lovers of luxury dining and travel experiences, and two people disagreeing about most everything!

Sharing our experiences to give you ideas for your next adventure, small or large.